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Boil Water Advisory

City of Kearney News Release, August 17, 2018

Due to a water main break in the City of Kearney, a boil advisory has been called for the the Subdivisions of Beverly Park (Paddock Street); Regency Park, South of Regency Park Street; Jamestowne Village; Greenfield; Jack Barr Estates

The boil order advisory will remain in effect through August 20th

What is a boil water advisory?
A public water system may issue a boil water advisory when there is concern that a problem with drinking water may exist, but it has not yet been confirmed. These are most commonly issued for major water main breaks or other low-pressure events where the possibility of contamination intrusion exists. They may also be issued while waiting for results of confirmation samples collected for bacteriological analysis, which can take up to two days plus the time required to transport samples to the laboratory.

What precautions should I take if under a boil water order or advisory?
The following steps need to be taken:
  1. Boil water vigorously for three minutes prior to use. Use only water that has been boiled for drinking, diluting fruit juices, all other food preparation and brushing teeth.
  2. Dispose of ice cubes and do not use ice from a household automatic ice maker. Remake ice cubes with water that has been boiled.
  3. Disinfect dishes and other food contact surfaces by immersion for at least one minute in clean tap water that contains one teaspoon of unscented household bleach per gallon of water.
Note: Let water cool sufficiently before drinking (approximately 110 degrees F).

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